The Institute for Civility Unveils Refreshed Brand Identity


Same Mission, New Name

The Institute for Civility in Government has simplified our name to the Institute for Civility. Our mission remains steadfast: to facilitate dialogue, teach respect, and build civility in both the public and private spheres. Our vision is to see a day when civility is the norm for all of us where we live, work, and play. We support all people in improving civility in their communities, workplaces, government, and world.

Why the name change? Quite simply, the words “in government” put some people off. Too many people understood the Institute to be political, which we are not. While we have worked hard to bring greater civility to the governing process and our communities at large, we have never taken positions on people, parties, or policies. We are proud of our record of nonpartisanship and have worked hard to maintain it.

Our work and our programs remain the same. We will continue to bring Congressional Student Forums to university and college campuses. We will continue to offer Civility Training wherever it is needed – to schools, businesses, community groups, government entities, trade associations, and more. And we will continue to offer Legislative Seminars to Washington, DC for students, adults, and youth groups.

The new name will remove what has been a stumbling block for many. There is not just a need for more civility in our government but throughout our lives in community. There is not just a need for more civility in this country, there is a hunger for it.

Our 501(c)(3) status with the IRS remains unchanged, as does our address, email, and phone numbers. Our new website is at the same address it has always been: Explore the newly updated website to learn more about the Institute’s programs and ongoing commitment to fostering a culture of civility.! We thank you for your generous support in the past, and look forward to continuing into the future together!

About the Institute for Civility

Since 1997, the Institute for Civility has been working to promote civility—in government, workplaces, schools, and anywhere people gather to live, learn, work, and play. Learn more at

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