Mission and Vision

Our Mission

The Institute for Civility in Government is dedicated to reducing the polarization of our political and legislative processes by facilitating dialogue, teaching respect, and building civility in both the public and private spheres.

We believe there are two key threats to the effectiveness and efficiency of the governing process in the United States: lack of participation in government at all levels—local, state, and national; and persistent and growing polarization along lines of race, class, religion, age, and ideology. Apathy and antipathy put our nation at risk. Therefore, we strive to educate Americans about their role in civil society, and equip them to participate effectively in it. And we strive to help elected officials, their staff, and their constituents understand that how we govern is as important as the positions we take.

The Institute for Civility in Government endorses no political candidate, and takes no stand on any issue. Our concern is process, not position.

Our Vision

We see a day when civility is the norm for all of us where we live, work and play. It is a day when every member of Congress eagerly models civil dialogue with their constituents, in their campaigns, and on the floor of the House and Senate.

Programs like our Congressional Student Forums cultivate civility across the political aisle, and foster effective collaboration on Capitol Hill. Programs like our Civility Training Workshops teach skills that help citizens expect civility of their elected representatives and of themselves. Our programs are a laboratory of civility, creating a model and setting a tone for the next generation to experience and adopt as their own.