Reclaiming civility.

Since 1997, the Institute for Civility has been working to promote civility—in government, workplaces, schools, and anywhere people gather to live, learn, work, and play.

In 2023, we updated our name from the Institute for Civility in Government to better reflect the broad scope of our reach.

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Our goal is a more civil society.

The Institute for Civility is dedicated to reducing polarization by facilitating dialogue, teaching respect, and building civility in both the public and private spheres.

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Beyond the Classroom: Texas City High’s Empowering Experience at Student Legislative Seminar

March 2-7 saw twelve students and three teacher chaperones from Texas City High School in Washington, DC for one of the Institute’s Student Legislative Seminars.  This is the 13th time Texas City has participated in this program, and with chaperones who have experienced the trip before on hand with us again, the trip just keeps…
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From the President’s Pen

July 17-21 found myself and fellow co-founder Tomás Spath walking the halls of Congress again for the first time post-pandemic. It felt really good to be back. But you may wonder, why do we do that? We try to walk the halls every year for a number of reasons. First, and perhaps the most important,…
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