Civility Training

If adult Americans will not model civic responsibility, how can we expect our young people to be any different? Richard Riley, Former Secretary of Education

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For over 20 years, the ICG has been the leading voice for civility.  In-person & virtual training is delivered by our Civil Certified Master Facilitators who are lauded for our focus on listening, storytelling, engaging and activating people of diverse backgrounds and experiences. The ICG Civility Training Curriculum is an extension of our vision of a world where civility is integrated into every aspect of our personal, professional, and political experience.

Civility Workshops

ICG’s Civility Training Curriculum (CTC) emphasizes how unconscious biases create closed systems of communication often referred to as “echo chambers.” Over the course of the training, the CTC demonstrates how participants can use self-understanding to step outside the destructive systems of attack and defense. This highly interactive curriculum offers attendees a way to disengage without withdrawing, equipping them with the tools they need to engage as catalysts for healthier, less divided, and more civil interpersonal dynamics. The ultimate goal of the CTC is to liberate civility from the antiquated and repressive notions of manners and behavior and replace them with a commitment to self-responsibility, deep listening, and shared understanding.

Redefines civility for the 21st Century

Creates awareness of the disparity between Intent and Impact

Explores Unconscious and Confirmation Biases

Examines the impact of Microaggressions

Presents alternatives to the systems of defense and attack

Offers Tips and techniques for avoiding stress triggers

 Includes time for questions and clarifications

Participants receive the ICG Course Completion Certificate

Reviews & Testimonials

“You ROCKED the show!” — Lisa C., Member of Roseville Human Rights Commission, Roseville, Minnesota

On two occasions, I had the opportunity to participate in the civility/communications training offered by Cassandra Dahanke and Tomas Spath.  First, at a session held during the 2010 National Conference of State Legislatures Annual Legislative Summit with an audience comprised of elected officials and private sector participants; and second, during a government relations staff retreat for a 14-person team.  The learnings/take-aways from both sessions were insightful but different.  Participating in the communications exercises with diverse groups exposes ways of looking at things and perspectives that enlarged my thinking and ultimately my understanding.  Cassandra & Tomas are skillful facilitators who artfully guide people to discover what is useful and actionable. I would highly recommend the course to those who seek to understand why and how people think and behave differently.— Jean C., Director-State Government Relations, Philips Electronics NA.

Cassandra Dahnke’s presentation on behalf of the Institute for Civility in Government hosted by the San Marcos Area League of Women Voters was one of the best attended and well-received presentations we’ve ever sponsored.  We had a diverse audience of all ages and races–high schoolers, college students, seniors and in between, Whites, Blacks, and Hispanics. We also had many elected officials and several candidates, and I saw them taking notes on Cassandra’s talk.  She was well-prepared and to the point on this timely and relevant issue.  I heard many– and only–positive comments following the program.  We would love to have her back again.— Jeannie L., San Marcos Area League of Women Voters

“The workshop conducted by the Institute impacted our community. Several groups in Canyon Lake have incorporated the definition of civility into their meetings. The library has a blueprint for being a voice for civility and is planning community conversations to give people a place to practice civility and reaching concensus.” — Roxanna D., Tye Preston Library Director, Canyon Lake, Texas

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