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Students Share Lesson in Civility: Wharton High School Students to Present to the Lions Club

Wharton, TX, February 25, 2016 – Several students from Wharton High School will be presenting at the Lions Club meeting on Thursday, March 3. These students attended the 2015 Student Legislative Seminar trip to Washington, DC, with the Institute for Civility in Government (ICG), and will be sharing their experiences and lessons learned.

Besides seeing the sights in Washington, which is a part of the trip, the students also received briefings on Capitol Hill on issues of which they had concerns, formulated positions on the issues through active dialogue with one another, and then met with their elected officials and staff to present their concerns and questions.

Founded by Cassandra Dahnke and Tomas Spath, the ICG began taking small groups of high school students to Washington, DC in 2007. “This was the first Student Legislative Seminar trip for the students at Wharton High School,” said Mr. Spath, one of the Institute facilitators on the trip, “and these students did an outstanding job. They worked together civilly, despite differences of opinion, to come up with position statements that represented the whole group. It was hard work. But I believe it made an impact on each of their lives and gave them valuable lessons about their involvement in the governing process. I look forward to hearing about their dream to place solar panels on the school rooftops to encourage the community to use clean energy.”

Funding for the Wharton High School trip was provided in part by the Mary Louise Dobson Foundation, Gulf Coast Medical Foundation, as well as the local Lions and Rotary Clubs.

The students will share highlights of their Washington, DC experience at the Lions Club meeting, which will be held from 12-1pm, Thursday, March 3, at the Wharton Civic Center main ballroom. For more information about the Student Legislative Seminars with the Institute for Civility in Government, please visit

About the Institute for Civility in Government: The Institute for Civility in Government is a grassroots, non-partisan, non-profit organization that is building civility in a society that all too often seems tilted toward uncivil speech and actions. Through its Student Legislative Seminars, students learn civility skills and then put those skills into practice in Washington, DC. The Institute believes that offering students a personal experience in the governing process, grounded in civility, sets an important precedent for their future involvement in the civic process. To learn more about the Institute for Civility in Government, visit

For more information, contact: Sheryl Tuttle, Program Coordinator, 832-644-9021
Download as PDF: Wharton HS Students present at Lions Club Mar 2016

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